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Lunch Pause

Had an interesting stop off in Rotterdam today at a place called New Fork.

It had a spot near the station at the big rotterdam hall where they hold big exhibitions and trade shows.

It was right opposite the Golden Arches.


They do have some cheese vegetarian options.

Now the menu wasn’t outstanding but there were a number of other features that were.


This tile on the wall explains that while their packaging looks plastic, just like the cutlery, it is in fact compost able. I like the fact that it’s in a tile in the wall like a permanent commitment.


There’s a special bin are for customers to clean up after themselves too. I much prefer this attitude which is common in The Netherlands.


There was a funny plant that recycles water.


But I particularly liked the tap on the wall. It’s for refilling water bottles. Rather than selling water you can help yourself.
It was very refreshing to see a lunch place taking so much responsibility for the impact of their services.


One comment on “Lunch Pause

  1. I particularly like the tap on the wall too. It makes more economic sense for everyone – cheaper, no need to have a fridge thus less power used and less waste from packaging. Win/Win/Win all round.


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