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Voting time again

I’ve decided the world is in a complete mess.

I’m doing my bit to reduce the impact I have on my direct environment. I think I try really hard.

But the world is still a complete mess.

No grew up in the UK and though I no longer live there I’m always aware of their political situation.

It’s a curious one. Basically a two party race. The premise behind their electoral process is when you get sick of one party elect the other.

When they switch benches from in power to in opposition, they really appear to avoid action that will lead to loosing the next election and set about deconstructing any changes introduced by the opposition in the previous term.

It’s ridiculous.

The very idea that this will be a democratically successful solution for such a diverse community is ridiculous. And that’s something reflected in the voting.

In 2001 only 60% of the UK population voted. That’s a fairly clear indication that people think it’s pointless to vote.

Given that voting is a right only very recently gained for many people that’s really terrible.


In the last few months it seems that the UK population has begun to take more interest.

The Scottish National party, UKIP and the Green Party are gaining support at really high levels.

Years ago the Monster Raving Loony party was the only fringe group that got ament ion and they represented the eccentric side of the UK in most people’s minds.

But I sense a change.

It’s even possible that smaller parties are going to have enough support to change the age old two horse race.

That’s amazing.


I joined a political party this week.

I’m really hoping that the system will be changed in six months.

The Green Party IMG_9471.JPG


3 comments on “Voting time again

  1. Ellen Hawley
    December 15, 2014

    I think I’ll be voting Green in the upcoming elections, although the local candidate doesn’t seem to be running a campaign. (I wrote her and asked if she’d like to meet w/ a group of interested people and never even heard back. Says it all, I’m afraid.) Still, voting for the major parties right now seems like just another way of wasting my vote.

    What a mess.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. tootlepedal
    December 15, 2014

    Good luck. I have voted green before but will probably stick with the SNP this time.

    Liked by 1 person

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