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Food glorious Food!

Gotta dig Gotta hoe Gotta build Gotta sow! So it’s been cold rainy and miserable for far too long. Trying to keep inspired for the garden is hard. There’s lots … Continue reading

February 21, 2014 · 9 Comments

Chick, chick, chick, chick chicken!

Our Friends son is keen to get chickens. They asked us for advice for him so I thought I’d share it. It’s quite simple to do. r /> What breed? … Continue reading

February 20, 2014 · 4 Comments

Bumble bees with legs

As “deaf as a quail” is a Dutch expression but our quails have poor vision not hearing. Their story is funny. The were conceived as a result of a few … Continue reading

February 17, 2014 · 8 Comments

Honey! I shrunk the …Laundry

I’m quite lazy. I know it looks like I’m a very busy person but I’m not fond of sustained repetitive tasks. Short bursts? No problem. Laundry is one if those … Continue reading

February 9, 2014 · Leave a comment

Parcel of Promise

There’s something about parcels. Brown cardboard boxes. They look inconspicuous but who knows what can be inside. This one is special. It’s not very big. But it contains much promise. … Continue reading

February 7, 2014 · 8 Comments

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