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Pink Sea of Confusion. 

The BBC has shared a story today about some waste washed up in a uk marine environment. 
A very large number of pink detergent bottles.  

As you can see there’s a lot of them. 

Now there’s been a number of people alarmed by this environmental disaster. And of course I’m not happy about it however I’m a bit surprised at the reaction. 

Some of the bottles are leaking, you see, and people are aghast that the detergent, as yet unidentified is ending up in the ocean. 

But I don’t understand why they are concerned. Realistically this is where the detergent will end up anyway! 

Detergent that is used goes into the sea. After the washing machine is done with it off it goes. 

Down the drain! 

But it’ll be treated to remove it from drinking water for US. I suppose. Mind you who knows what it gets up to before it reaches purification stage. 

I looked up how water is purified for drinking but didn’t find any references to detergent removal.

Here’s an example. While on holiday I was looking for washing up liquid. It’s a common household detergent. I wasn’t in a big shop so I found this. 


It’s green. A famous brand often described in advertising as mild !


Mild, eh?

According to this label it’s not mild for the ole aquatic life though! Harmful with long lasting effects!!!!!

Suffice to say I didn’t buy it! 

The one we use is eco friendly. It’s still bad for your eyes as is most soap if you put it in there but the sea life is safer.

I guess the pink stuff will be much maligned for its location in the ocean but safe enough from criticism when lurking on the supermarket shelf. 

11 comments on “Pink Sea of Confusion. 

  1. Thanks for sharing! Thought provoking stuff and a good reminder to buy eco friendly… 🙂

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  2. Kitchen-Counter-Culture
    January 6, 2016

    Yeah, you’re right and good points re pointing how it’s fine when it’s on a shelf, filed tidily in “to buy” vs “out of place” when it’s just not where we expect to see it.

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  3. Hilda
    January 7, 2016

    Out of sight, out of mind!

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  4. LisaSpooner
    January 7, 2016

    The beaches where the pink bottles washed up (as featured in recent news) are actually only a short drive from where I live in west Cornwall. They’ve been identified as a product from the ‘Vanish’ range of household cleaning products, and are believed to have fallen from a container ship in the storms we are currently having here. Very good points raised – people don’t connect their own home-sink plug hole with the sea 🙂 or think about the bigger impact of own home routines, products used etc.


  5. LisaSpooner
    January 7, 2016

    following on …. every year they do regular ‘beach cleans’ down here, on various beaches (including the ones these bottles washed up on) .. basically picking up and removing all the washed up plastic and other rubbish that gets thrown up on the tide … always big coverage in the local press and everyone giving themselves a huge pat on the back for ‘making our beaches cleaner’ – missing the point that what has washed up onto the sand is merely the tip of the problem, and clearing it away to make the beaches look nice for holidaymakers to play on doesn’t actually solve the problem 😦

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  6. Amanda Scott
    January 8, 2016

    I have a septic tank, so have to cautious about how much stuff like detergent and bleach I put down the sink – I would be anyway as I try to be as green as possible, but things like detergent muck up the natural breakdown of stuff in the tank. Imagine that happening in the sea. Thanks for sharing your very pertinent post.

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  7. wfdec
    January 11, 2016

    …and what’s more, is there a law somewhere that says labeling about hazardous contents must be written in very small type so that it can only be read with a magnifying glass?

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    • lizard100
      January 11, 2016

      I think the scariest bits should be in bigger letters!


  8. Daniel
    March 26, 2017

    I think the visual impression sometimes has big effect on how we react. Pink bottles are very disturbing in the sea shore. Black bottles probably would not leave the same impression to us, but the effect for nature is the same.

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