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Lemongrass update

So on Sunday I bought some lemongrass intending to grow it. 

Then it looked like this.  

Today after less than five days in water, it looks like this. 

All five pieces are sprouting at the top. This is great news. 

I’m really pleased. 

If I can grow it to make lemon grass tea I will be very happy indeed. 


12 comments on “Lemongrass update

  1. Hilda
    November 6, 2015

    I had some in my garden, but didn’t think of conserving it this way indoors. I’ll have to give it a try.

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  2. Equality 333
    November 7, 2015

    Looks easy! I’ll have to buy some

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  3. LorraineGardens
    November 7, 2015


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  4. LisaSpooner
    November 8, 2015

    I too have grown lemongrass in this way – several times – buying supermarket stems and rooting in a jar, same as you are doing here. In a few weeks you should have a mass of roots, curling around the base of those stems. It is at this point that it has always, for me, gone wrong šŸ˜¦ excitedly planting into a pot then watching disappointed as those hopeful shoots soon shrivel and die (like the previous five attempts) šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦ I am watching your progress hopeful that you will succeed where i have (too many times) failed – and I can from you learn that secret – how to grow lemongrass beyond this initial sprout-in-a-jar stage ?!??!

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    • lizard100
      November 8, 2015

      I shall keep my fingers crossed.


    • lizard100
      November 8, 2015

      I’ve read that it needs a lot of moisture. Apart from that I’m not sure yet.


  5. lindas garden and wildlife
    November 10, 2015

    Blessing liz and thank you for the update perhaps you just need to move it into a bigger glass or plastic container instead of planting in soil or plant it near a water source if you have one

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    • lizard100
      November 10, 2015

      From what I’ve read I think I’m going to make sure the roots are really strong before I transplant them. That’s why I started five to give a stronger chance of success.

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