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Interesting Cup

Often when we are out and about we are faced with disposable cups and spoons etc. 

I’m never convinced that they are a better option but it’s good to see places trying to be more aware of their environmental impact. 

This cup (I used a a panorama to get the weird picture)

Is meant to decompose. 

I do wonder how long it will take? 

Paper cups are often favored over plastic cups but they are generally coated with waxy stuff to make them hold liquids. This may mean they don’t break down any time soon either.

I hope this one doesn’t take too long. After all the coffee it held didn’t last a long time. 

Disposable is a word that I think is very misleading. 

The lid appears to be compost able  too but why do we need a lid? I wasn’t taking it on a journey except to the table. A mug doesn’t come with a lid. 



2 comments on “Interesting Cup

  1. Grower
    May 31, 2015

    A lot of the new “compostable” materials require a special industrial system that nobody around here is doing so it gets land filled anyway. I see it as a form of semi-greenwashing.

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