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Upside Down World

I’ve recognized that the world is going mad for a long time now. But it struck me recently that it’s completely barmy.

I was traveling, as you do. I went through security and was called back. There was a water bottle in my bag. An easy mistake on a busy day. 

I was kindly offered the opportunity to drink some of it and throw the rest away which I did. 

(Now don’t get me wrong. I fully support security and safety initiatives in airports.)

But then I was thinking. What is the world coming too? Water is dangerous.

I drank the offending item and then threw it away. It was water. It’s essential for life. But the world has become so messed up that we are afraid of water. 

Plain old simple old water. The stuff that makes up 70% of our bodies. Without which our brains can’t function. Without which our bodies dry up, without which we can die in three short days. 

We are also afraid of water that comes from taps. 

That’s right. 

Taps, faucets, etc

The average person looks at a tap in the west and says:

I don’t like the taste.
I’m not sure it’s safe to drink.
i think I’ll spend 7,000 times the price and buy a bottle.

Can you believe that?

In many cases the regulation of bottled water is nowhere near as stringent as the tap water regulations. Bet you didn’t know that!

  And why?

Because a clever marketing executive somewhere thought it would make money if we implied that water was dangerous.

That bottled water had miraculous properties, flavour, minerals, health benefits. 

And we believed them. 

So next time I look at that tap I want to think. Think for myself. 


10 comments on “Upside Down World

  1. beeseeker
    May 29, 2015

    Like your thinking (kind of conspiracy theory … bu, hey that’s what they want us to think 😉

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    • lizard100
      May 29, 2015

      Yep. Water is dangerous. Hmmm people are dangerous if you ask me.


  2. emaillisa
    May 29, 2015

    And with regard to tap versus bottle – many brands of bottled water ARE tap water, bottled and labelled in a factory, from their own tap/faucet … the exact same water – fresh, clean, safe – that comes from our own taps/faucets at home, except that it then (by the time we buy it) has a nasty cocktail of health-harming chemicals leeched into it from the plastic bottle 😦 and costs a helluva lot more! Indeed, yes, the world has gone (beyond?) bonkers 😦

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  3. faeriembassy
    May 30, 2015

    I am fortunate in that I collect rainwater in a tank and it is good . the objection by a lot of people in this country is that the water coming out of the tap in the kitchen has been treated by a zillion and one chemicals to make it ‘safe’ -fluoride and chlorine being just two of them. I know the bottled water industry is a scam as if pure springs exist anymore.
    travelling away from my water supply is always a challenge for me – in the car we have glass bottles that accompany us wherever we go and our daughters in the cities filter their tap water.
    it doesnt seem to matter which way we turn we are confronted by a crazy setup that increasingly attempts to funnel us into serving it.
    last time I flew across the tasman I found out that I was only allowed containers of liquid like ( shampoo etc etc ) of less than 100ml AND had to be in a plastic ziplock bag that measured no bigger than 20cm by 20cm.
    WHAT THE !!!!! – totally balmy
    tearing hair out now….

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    • lizard100
      May 30, 2015

      It’s crazy what they’ve done to water. It’s such a straightforward thing but they have to mess around with it. The glass bottles are a great idea.


  4. Helen
    May 30, 2015

    I had the same experience at Schipol last year.

    I think the issue is the size of bottle (in our case no doubt the number of them too). And it’s not the fear of water, I don’t think, but the fact that the bottle contents could be used to make bombs.

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    • lizard100
      May 30, 2015

      I’m well aware of the reasons but it’s water. The might be has over taken reason.


      • Helen
        May 30, 2015

        They don’t know it’s water though…. Of course, as honest people who wouldn’t blow up planes it seems astounding that they have to mistrust us but they can’t test every bottle.

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      • lizard100
        May 30, 2015

        But by drinking it I demonstrate that it is water. The onus is on the innocent to prove they aren’t doing wrong but nothing is in place to believe them. Ergo the world is on its head.


      • Helen
        May 30, 2015

        Yes, I see what you mean. I guess there is simply A LOT of pressure on airline companies and airports to keep people safe. It’s easier than dealing with those who violent.

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