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The Pits


It may appear as if I’ve been driven to drink but it’s not this simple. 

About eight years ago we have up using clothes washing detergent. 

We’d become increasingly disillusioned with the basic premises of this type of product. 

  1. Detergent is sold as a one size fits all product. One scoop of product regardless of the amount of dirt, size of load, type of water, kind of clothing. 
  2. The people who sell it are the ones telling us we need the ‘new improved version’. Hardly an independent sales pitch. 
  3. The concept that dirt is bad and chemicals are good. Regardless of their basic ingredients. 
  4. Clothes have to be washed in serious heavy duty ways. 
  5. People shouldn’t make their own decisions about processes in their lives. 
  6. Strongly scented clothing is ‘clean.’
  7. The environmental impact of those detergents after they go dorm the plug hole. 

So we decided to stop using detergents and see whether it made a lot of difference to the state of them. 

Eight years on.

Our clothes are fine. There’s no superficial lavender or spring fragrance. They smell of nothing. 

But there  was one small problem. At certain times the underarm area of some tops was a bit on the warm side. 

Now for some people that would be a bit of a blow and perhaps enough to go back to the detergent. But my investigations didn’t make me feel that strongly. I decided to target the problem very specifically rather than blanket bomb the whole wash. 

Turns out that there’s z very simple answer. We’ve used a vodka spray to target the problem. It kills the bacteria. Simple as that. Now vodka is powerful stuff but I’ve concluded that a substance you can drink would be better than one with a big toxic label on the box. 

So we spray the pits before washing and everything is good.  

Good eh?


18 comments on “The Pits

  1. Ellen Hawley
    May 14, 2015

    …but your clothes have developed a habit of singing off-key in the middle of the night, then passing out.

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  2. Such a great tip.

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  3. Green Bee
    May 14, 2015


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  4. prolificprojectstarter
    May 14, 2015

    do you put the vodka in a spray bottle neat or dilute it?


  5. FrugalHausfrau
    May 14, 2015

    I love the idea of targeting the problem areas only! I’m inspired. Have you tried other options besides vodka? Hyrdrogen peroxide comes to mind. I can picture you like Julia Childs who would give a glug of wine for the pot and one for her…

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  6. Julia Davis-Coombs
    May 15, 2015

    I’m definitely going to try this. Hubby’s dress shirts suffer particularly in this area, and we have tried all sorts of ever-more chemically solutions for spot treatment, while using Ecover or just aerating balls for the actual washing.

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  7. suchled
    May 16, 2015

    I distill my own spirit and it comes from the still at 95% pure ethanol but it get watered down to 40%. I don’t this you would use Gin or white rum because there are other ingredients and not a flavoured vodka either. And also it doesn’t give you a headache. It is the furfurals in brown liquor that give it the taste and flavour and they also give the headache.

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