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24 Hours in the Past

“Everything in the Victorian times was worth something”

The TV has a handful of B listers who are busy being Victorian. It’s on the BBC

Their job?

Waste collectors. What a great lesson for us all. 

Dog mess is valuable for softening leather at the tannery. 

Horse manure is being collected for re use. 

The carpet beaters have muddied the rug so it’s curtains for them. 

Someone has pinched a carrot to supplement his meagre cheese ration. 

The street cleaners who broke the cart have lost their wages. 

The dust collectors have done well. Their cinders go to make bricks. Their penny salary might have bought them a small pie. 

The fast food was cheaper than trying to cook.

Time to sort the rubbish 

The cinder has to be salvaged from the waste. Rags for making paper. Bones went to soap making and to get gelatine. 

The work is hard and dirty. The people are filthy and occasionally some treasures are to be found. A button, a misplaced trinket. 

The need to sort it properly is overlooked by the celebrities of course. 

Bones and rags need to be scrubbed before they are worth anything. 

A lovely TV show. But is it? 

There’s levels of shock amongst the poor participants who appear as if they’ve never had a history lesson. How could people ever live with one family to a room with a meal of liver and onions and little bedding. 

Wait till they empty the night soil from the shared privy?

The night soil is mixed with hops to make fertiliser by the boat load for the West Indies. 

The final result? “It’s no worse than sleeping on a plane if your stretched out on the floor.” I guess the standard in First class must be sleeping. 

One swift search is all it takes to find modern places where the same processes are taking place. Some commodities are different: the plastic and the cans of course. 

Kenyan Rubbish Scavengers
They’ve even made a film about it. Trash

What a curious contrast. We haven’t learned to avoid waste or redress the balance in our society. 

Next time it’s a life in service….. 

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