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Dirt is good for you

I enjoyed reading this article on Treehugger today. 

Long have I believed that the chemicals sent our way may be a greater threat than the dirt they are sent to remove. 

It’s curious that we are so quick to take away that which is part of our natural make up to replace it with stuff that has hazard warnings on the bottle. 

You’ve got to eat a lot of dirt before you die. 

Is one of my favourite sayings. I’m also very curious that many cleaning processes and products that didn’t exist in my youth are obligatory now. 

Alcohol based antibacterials for example. Proper hand washing with soap and water is the best way to clean our mucky paws yet a bottle of something strong smelling and clinical seems to be on every counter now. 

Yesterday (why didn’t I take a photo?), an electric toilet squirted automatic blue disinfectant into a loo at an art gallery after every flush! 

This nasty blue chemical then disappears around the bend at the next use. How much chemical is going into the water supply then?

Did it really serve a purpose?

Our skin is a clever, massive organ. It repels a great deal of nastiness and protects us pretty well. Yet our obsession with rubbing off the natural oil and bacteria seems really daft. 

Since I stopped using shampoo, I now see that my hair is absolutely fine. It’s been a year. In the early stages my hair was a bit greasier as production of oil to replace that which was stripped away by daily shampoo, needed to slow down.  

It’s been a year now. I still rinse my hair with water in the shower about four times a week but that’s it. 

My scalp is fine. It used to be a bit more productive but that has disappeared now. 

I brush my hair more too but nothing but water washed it. 

My hair doesn’t smell of anything either. 

It’s mad really. 

I much prefer my hair this way. I took a photo now. Just an honest shot; no big disguise. I rinsed it yesterday morning. It probably needs cutting but it doesn’t look bad.   

clean hair

no shampoo for a year

The hardest part was having the courage to try and stop using shampoo and wondering what other people might think. 

Have you changed any ‘normal’ habits to be greener?

What challenges did you face?   


8 comments on “Dirt is good for you

  1. irenedesign2011
    April 1, 2015

    Good post 😉
    I use both shampoo and conditioner, otherwise I can’t brush it, I have very long hair. I try to buy so eco-friendly products as possible with few exceptions for hard cleaning when necessary. We need to take care of our environment.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OmniRunner
    April 1, 2015

    I have tried just rinsing my hair on the weekends. When I run in the evening and take a shower sometimes I skip deodorant since I’m going to bed soon anyway.
    When summer finally arrives, I’m told it’s inevitable (yeah right), we will hang a lot of our clothes outside to dry.
    Now that the kids are off to college we are buying fewer processed foods. Without homework and activities we have more time for dinner.

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  3. Helen
    April 2, 2015

    I stopped using shampoo at the start of the year and my hair felt much better. Then I had to use some due to one of the risks of having children (nits) and my hair was just awful. Looking forward to getting back to no-poo.

    Incidentally, as I can currently was my hands with any kind of soap, I have learned that just rubbing hands under running water is almost as effective at killing germs as using soap as well. It’s really the rubbing action that does the trick 🙂

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  4. quercuscommunity
    April 2, 2015

    Stopped using shampoo around fifteen years ago. Hair was greasy for a while but settled down eventually. Since then nature has taken its course and I now keep it so short that my hair care regime consists of wiping my head down with a wet flannel. One of the benefits of being a middle-aged man!

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  5. faeriembassy
    April 5, 2015

    talked about this last night with the girls – I removed shampoo when they were teenagers and they hated me for it – now it is all a go.
    it is great to investigate all the givens and test to see if they really are true for us or just a gimmick …
    mostly gimmick wins

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