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The shape of things to come


In the supermarket today, alongside the other ‘vleesvervangers’ there was a new product. 

I suspect the Language doesn’t present a problem in working out what this is. 

It says ‘insecta’, it says ‘Nuggets’, it says ‘schnitzel’.


Right there. 

I thought I’d look it up to share more info. Here’s a web page that tells it all in English too. 

The chickens eat meal worms. These nuggets are made of buffalo worms. Apparently they are now approved for human consumption too. 

I didn’t buy any. Though we don’t eat meat I’m not sure about bugs. Obviously they’re not vegetarian. 

The challenge is apparently that there needs to be a good source of cheap protein to feed the growing population. Hmmmm.

But is the problem that we don’t have enough food or that people aren’t eating the right foods? 

Or are there too many people?

But more to the point, would you eat it? 

10 comments on “The shape of things to come

  1. Roe's Cottage
    March 30, 2015

    I think I would trust ground up meal worms rather than the ground chicken found in most nuggets… But I think I’ll give both a miss! The trouble with most veggie protein (soya in particular) is that it’s grown as a mono-crop, but even this wouldn’t be much of a problem if it went straight into the human food chain. The issue is that most goes into animal feed which is then transferred to meat (incredibly inefficient). If people ate more soya directly, and only ate meat (especially organic or wild meat) as a ‘treat’ then our resources would stretch to cover the population.


  2. The Chaos Realm
    March 30, 2015

    Well, if I wasn’t vegetarian, I’d still be a conscious eater. Free-range, antibiotic-free, etc. If, and when, eating insects/worms are more sustainable, then I’d consider it…but I also love crawly critters so I would probably feel guilty. And, on population, consciously chose not to have children…not that I ever wanted kids, as I knew from a very early age (like, 12?) I did not want children. I thought someday, if I had the finances, I would adopt an older child, but, instead, I adopted/would adopt older animals/cats, instead. 🙂 Okay, so I digressed a bit from your original question…sorry! Signing off now LOL

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  3. Is this company targeting the Paleo trend?
    I don’t think I could eat this. I’ll leave this to the birds.

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  4. Emily Scott
    March 31, 2015

    I’d eat it if offered it, but I wouldn’t relish the thought of biting into it.

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  5. LifesBelle
    March 31, 2015

    No – Been down this road of enquiry before….tried silk-worm. It tastes like…well how you’d imagine a bug would, crunchy, with squishy bits, and tastes like they smell…you know…buggy. I’d have to be starving and unable to find plants to make it a more permanent food source. I’ll just stick to my veggies, fruit and the occasional egg from my chookies.

    But back to the main big-picture questions – the population doesn’t need meat, and if we’re talking population sustainability it’s easier to sustain vegetarians than it is meat eaters….take a look at small homesteaders, ones with meat production require more space, crops for the animals to eat etc. Yes if you lived off wild it’s easier, but not sustainable as many countries that have been through true famine prove. The millions of fit, healthy, active vegetarians and vegans out there living quite well just prove we as a species don’t need meat, its a choice to eat it. And when you really get to the guts of the science, humans don’t need as much protein as we’ve educated (marketed to) to believe.

    I’m all for keeping it as close to natural as possible, reduce processing, additives etc. We also don’t need the highly processed ‘not’ versions of meat made from vegetables and nuts (Not Bacon, Not Steak etc) and now bugs….don’t swap one highly processed thing for another, because it’s going to have to be processed to get rid/hide that buggy flavour!

    Here’s the Insecta Nugget ingredients as per their website:
    water, ground buffalo worms (14%), vegetable oil (sunflower oil) (14%), wheat gluten (13%), wheat flour (13%), salt, white pepper, chicken egg – egg white powder, inulin, wheat starch, potato fiber, starch (corn, wheat), emulsifier (guar gum), yeast, paprika powder, turmeric


    • lizard100
      March 31, 2015

      It’s so true. People tend to eat what they are told to by the people selling the food product. Regardless of the nutritional value.

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  6. gaiainaction
    April 1, 2015

    Yes I agree with some of the previous commenters in that I would eat as little of processed foods as possible, and this looks like the food is highly processed. I think that I would rather stick to lentils, beans and grains for protein. If need came and there would be nothing else, then yes I would eat bugs (if I was starving).

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