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Misunderstood Prices on Veggie food

Being vegetarian is an adventure. You never know what you are going to eat. 

We visited a restaurant in Amsterdam at the weekend. On exploring the menu it was hard to ascertain what was veggie in spite of plentiful Dutch menu knowledge. 

In the end we settled on the ‘hete bliksem met jongegold appel, rodebeet en saus.’

I’ve used what I can remember of the fancy title so you can see what got us. 

Bliksem is the word for thunder

When asked, the waitress said it was vegetarian. 

Hmmm. What veggie foods do you think of when you think of thunder?

Beans? Maybe. 

Powerful, flavoursome? 

Hmmm not mashed potato, then?

Creamy smooth, mashed potato. 

It came with a chilli which was indeed hot (hete) but mashed potato (with a slice of sweet apple) was the focal point of this dish. It was delicately topped with a well cooked red onion. 

Alongside was a delicious set of three roasted beetroot that had the magic of balsamic at work. They sat (perhaps to prevent rolling ) on a flavoursome mash of a dark red hue. Though I’m not sure what it was. 

Everything on the plate was very tasty but my point is, mashed potato isn’t the heart of a dish. It’s what a dish is served with. And wait for it €19.50. (That’s about $25, I think.)

The volume of food was also delicate in case you were curious. But it was certainly short changed when compared with the other main course that included meat or fish for the same sort of price. 

Now I’m fully aware that restaurant food isn’t about the cost of ingredients alone, however two generous spoons of potato, a single slice of apple, three ping-pong ball sized beetroot and a slice of small red onion surely isn’t the same as a monkfish, bacon and asoaragus portion. I’d guess it cost a euro for the components. 

We were given a free yogurt amuse bouche which seems to have been the protein of our meal and some fresh bread but then so were the meat feasted, Eh?

The photo is rubbish as it was quite dark but shows how big the helping was. I don’t generally want to over eat. 

I guess my point is that while it was tasty I do wish vegetarian options were always fairly priced. 

mashed potato

vegetarian food

12 comments on “Misunderstood Prices on Veggie food

  1. Julia Davis-Coombs
    March 16, 2015

    Definitely unfair in comparison. But I think the biggest problem is that the creator of the dish didn’t seem to think about nutritional needs (viz protein) and balance. Which, frankly, is often the same problem in reverse with meat dishes in restaurants. And that is one major reason why I don’t eat out very often.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bug Woman
    March 16, 2015

    I agree. Vegetarians are often a licence to print money in restaurants. We are frequently subsidising the carnivores.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. brugesvegan
    March 16, 2015

    19,50 is indeed quite a lot for that dish.
    btw, ‘Bliksem’ is lightening 😉 But it doesn’t seem to live up to that description neither

    Liked by 1 person

    • lizard100
      March 17, 2015

      I knew that. Must be having a daft moment. I thought I was writing one thing and got distracted.


  4. Debra
    March 16, 2015

    Yes! It does look yummy but … I also feel vegetarian menu items should be priced to reflect their actual cost. It feels bizarre to spend so much money for a potato and a beet. I have had similar experiences and it does bother me.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. wscottling
    March 16, 2015

    I dunno, whenever I go to restaurants here, the prices seem comparable for vegetarian dishes. I’m not vegetarian or vegan, but they are usually the “diet” dishes I find when I’m looking for something light to eat.

    Liked by 1 person

    • lizard100
      March 16, 2015

      It does vary a lot. But sometimes it seems pretty negative.


  6. BerLinda
    March 16, 2015

    Wow, that is pricey! I’d get a steak for that here – easily!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. dianaroggenbuckebrown
    March 22, 2015

    It looks nice, but definitely sounds overpriced for what you got – not very fair at all

    Liked by 1 person

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