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Flowers in Funny Places

So I should give this meme a specific day of the week or something but randomly I haven’t worked this out yet. I guess spring gives too many opportunities. 

Couldn’t resist this.

spring bulbs

Where are they growing?

Three tiny daffodils. 

The Netherlands

spring daffodils

On a very busy road junction in Amsterdam Noord. 

So a very quick post but I’m impressed with the resilience of these lovely golden flowers. 


surprise location

Just about see them on the verge. I can’t help wondering how they came to be there. There’s no bulbs at all in the rest of the grassy stretch. 

I wonder whether they may also spread too. 

Have you spotted any spring bulbs anywhere odd yet? 


8 comments on “Flowers in Funny Places

  1. Emily Scott
    March 15, 2015

    A flash of beauty to brighten the monotonous ugliness of a road.

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  2. jpeggytaylor
    March 15, 2015

    Oh, just lovely … On wondering why they are there, I thought possibly they may have been planted by someone for whom that spot meant something ???

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  3. Ellen Hawley
    March 16, 2015

    O Great Green Lizard, would you mind if I go off topic here and ask a question about composting, because I’m betting you know the answer? Our compost bins aren’t cooking down, and I suspect they don’t get enough sun so we’re talking about moving them. Any idea how many hours of sun they need? We could moving them to a spot where they get full morning sun, but are in the shade after that. Would that work? We’re thinking about investing in one of the ones that tumble the compost to speed it along.

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    • lizard100
      March 22, 2015

      Sorry Ellen I saw this comment and question and then couldn’t find it again.
      I’m not sure how many hours but warmth definitely makes a difference to ours.
      In cornwall over winter I wouldn’t expect too much change in the compost but spring does make a difference. Also we make sure it’s not to dry. As the winter here has been very dry the compost has dried out. Add a watering can full of water if it seems very dry.
      The full morning sun spot sounds good. I think the tumble ones are a bit huge. Plus then the worms don’t get in to work on it.


      • Ellen Hawley
        March 22, 2015

        I did wonder about the worms in the tumble composters. The worms in our current ones are all climbing out and leaving, which I read somewhere may be a sign that the compost is too wet. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know that I find them clinging to the top when I take it off, as if they’re getting as far from the contents as possible. Whatever it means, it can’t be good. Thanks so much for your comments. You’ve given me a bit more to think about.

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      • lizard100
        March 22, 2015

        Ah now if it’s too wet then add more ‘brown’ matter. So literally shredded card board and things life egg boxes can help. It may mean digging it out and reloading it though. Or lifting the compost bin off if you have that type of design.
        They get very wet if there’s too much of certain kinds of green waste. Grass clippings can be a culprit.


  4. Ellen Hawley
    March 22, 2015

    The council here has a green waste pickup, so we’ve stopped adding grass clippings. I’ll add more paper, though. Keep them worms happy!

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