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Crafty and skilful and a good deed!

I wrote recently about some of the Christmas stuff that I find frustrating but I do still participate in certain aspects. This is primarily when we’re with other family members.

So this year as we had planned trips to visit family I did buy a few gifts.

Now I have some rules. Wherever possible I only buy gifts that are fair trade or hand made.

I also make a few things myself. Generally these are useful and consumable like soap or jam.

I thought I’d share one such example primarily because it was unusual and clever.


It was also a story of goodwill and trust in the modern world. What’s not to like?


This delightful picture is hand made from sewn fabric in a patchwork style. I think it’s tremendous.
I’m really liked the design and the choice of fabric and think it’s a clever idea.

We went looking for them at a fair in Rotterdam after a recommendation from a friend who had seen them at another craft event.

But here’s the great bit. It was so nice I liked a pair of them.


But the challenge was, at the fair where they were on sale, there was no payment except cash.

And I only had enough money to pay for one.

Without batting an eyelid the creator of these beautiful pictures simply told me to transfer the money.

When I got home!

Quiltshop Andrea

How cool is that?

Now, I think that’s a good example of goodwill in the same named season.

I did transfer the money straight away.

Did you experience any great examples of trust and kindness in the festive season?


10 comments on “Crafty and skilful and a good deed!

  1. Julia Davis-Coombs
    January 9, 2015

    Fantastic! I love your ethos, and lean that way (especially for gifts) myself. And I’m a quilter–primarily as a means of re-using materials, so the items themselves really caught my eye. I think they are particularly effective works of art. How wonderful that you were able to find such a good combination of ethics/humanity for Christmas. 🙂

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  2. That is absolutely stunning 😀

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  3. Roe's Cottage
    January 9, 2015

    It wasn’t at Christmas, but when my sister’s husband died I bought her two prints from a paperwork artist (Caroline Rose Art on Etsy/Facebook) that I knew she admired instead of sending flowers. When I explained that I wanted the prints delivered directly with a note included, and why, Caroline added another print from herself (completely free of charge) as a mark of her own condolences. I was so touched by her kindness – it was something you would rarely experience with big brands or stores.

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    • Roe's Cottage
      January 9, 2015

      PS. The patchwork is GREAT! Love the use of flora material… May inspire me to try an allotment one!

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      • lizard100
        January 9, 2015

        Now thats a brilliant idea! How inspired!


    • lizard100
      January 9, 2015

      Thats such a moving story.


  4. Emma Sarah Tennant
    January 11, 2015

    That’s a great idea to make Christmas more meaningful. This year I made a donation to charity instead of buying cards, and created an ebook as a Christmas greeting to family and friends. Gifts of honey also and other crafty items are also given along with a monetary limit of what we do spend in our family. Christmas shouldn’t be about shopping, it should be about home, family and appreciation for what we already have.

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    • lizard100
      January 11, 2015

      Exactly. We gave honey and home made soap and jam too. Better to be less consumerist. We still send cards to the non digital relatives.

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  5. John Coleman
    January 15, 2015

    Yeah, my wife Kathy and I bought a small house and are preparing to sell our current behemoth. As the snow flies this winter, a neighbor at the new place has been keeping our sidewalk clear. Kindness.

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