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Swishing Party: Part 2

I posted a month or so ago about preparing a clothes swap or swishing party.

I ended up hosting two.

The first planned for a Saturday was a little disappointing with turnout. As we’d set everything up we repeated the process a week later. This time on a Sunday!

We had four rails of clothes. About 250 hangers worth in total. Plus bags, belts, scarves, tights, handbags and jewellery. It was quite a stash!

I displayed the belts and shoes on the landing and the handbags in a box.

I hung the scarves and jewellery up in baskets.


We had music, refreshments and snacks to help the swishing go with a swing!

Only fifteen people made it but I think it was too close to the busiest time of the year.

Even so, all fifteen people went home with ‘new to them’ items with excitement at their new acquisitions.

It could be suggested that with an average of four things each that more than sixty items found a new home.

Not bad!

Post Party

We bagged everything up and took it to the kleding bank. A recycling facility around the corner where bagged items can be deposited in a giant steel container.

There were about nine bags of clothes to pass on in total. These could well have gone into general rubbish and ended up in the incinerators where most rubbish in The Netherlands goes but instead they will be passed onto other second hand clothing routes or the fibres will be reused to make other things.

In The Netherlands around 100 million kilos of clothing is thrown away in normal household rubbish every year.

A number of organisations like this one Benelux Recycling try to reduce this amount of clothing waste.

There’s also plenty of information here ( in Dutch)

I had intended to avoid browsing. But after the girls had left I carefully checked the remainders.

I decided that I should take some things. Particularly as I’m not buying new clothes anymore it seems silly to waste good unworn garments.

I ended up with a dress, three tops, two pairs of trousers, a scarf, some new tights, leggings, a skirt, two cardigans and a handbag myself.

That adds to the total of re-homed items quite nicely!

I think I donated three dresses, five tips, two bags, four skirts, three pairs of trousers and some jewellery too.

The events were both a lot of fun and most people had the opportunity to try something different and to share ideas and suggestions to wear something different too.


Guess I should set a date for the next one. Eh?


2 comments on “Swishing Party: Part 2

  1. The Chaos Realm
    January 2, 2015

    What a rad idea! First time I’ve heard about this!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Green Bee
    January 2, 2015

    Great idea and great start to 2015. I am astounded at how much clothing ends up in landfill though! My Mother brought us up to never waste anything especially clothes so clothes were just NEVER binned. Always re-fashioned, past on or sent to charity/recycling. Not sure about how it works in the Netherlands but here in Ireland, charity shops earn money for every kilo of old clothing they send to recycling companies.

    Liked by 1 person

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