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New and Old: The Netherlands

I’m such a killjoy.

What do you see?


Is it a cake?

Is it a bouquet?

No, it’s a massive firecracker roll!
Tomorrow night, in The Netherlands about seventy million euros will go up in smoke.

The smell of cordite will fog up every city and emergency rooms will prepare to treat casualties.

The cats, dogs and other animals will spend about twenty four hours in distress while this goes ahead.

Not in a war zone but in a very destructive celebration.

70, 000, 000 euros!

There’s only 16.8 million people in the country. Nearly five euros a person!

It makes The Netherlands a popular country in which to celebrate New Years Eve for many but not me.

Seventy Million Euros!

Here’s one city scape last year. The noise is dreadful and will go on for hours and hours.

Meanwhile all over the country the dog poo bins are being locked shut against fireworks as they were found to explode spectacularly a few years back.


And the post box slot has been narrowed so that only two letters can fit making it too small for a rocket!


You’ll see another post shortly with some of the aftermath. I won’t be here. The one time I was is still an unpleasant memory!

This year’s fireworks have started already with a massive explosion at midnight last night for no apparent reason.

Here’s an amateur video of the type of thing to expect tomorrow. Multiplied by thousands in every city.

Call me a killjoy if you want!

5 comments on “New and Old: The Netherlands

  1. The Chaos Realm
    December 30, 2014

    Here, people like to shoot them up in the trees, and always worry about the nesting/nighttime wildlife 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • lizard100
      December 30, 2014

      Sounds awful. But here they will tape the rockets and bangers to the glass on the bus stops which shatters the windows!


  2. The Chaos Realm
    December 30, 2014

    That should have be “I always worry”–having a plague of unlike-me typographical errors yesterday and today. :-p *laugh*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hilda
    December 31, 2014

    All I can say is “Good grief!”. It makes me almost glad to be in my little ‘off the beaten path’ country house where if the skies are clear we will have a great view of the stars.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Roe's Cottage
    January 1, 2015

    It’s got a lot better in the UK in the last couple of years. 7 years ago I had a house in an area of The city where the fireworks started in July (!) due to Eid, then carried through until November (Bonfire Night), then Christmas and New Year…. Six bloody months, that literally drove one of my dogs insane. And the ‘fireworks’ were mainly industrial strength bangers – no decorative one, just noise.
    We too had the dog-poo bin explosions, and lost the last of our public phone boxes to vandals. It was like living in a warzone.
    Thankfully, the law was changed so fireworks can only be sold in a very limited time frame now, and their power seems to have been limited. But I wish they were banned from general sale completely.
    Personally, I like to see fireworks… They can be beautiful and a way of bringing the community together…. But ONLY through organised displays that are on set nights and last a known duration.

    Liked by 1 person

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