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Boxing Day 2004: remembering the tsunami

On Boxing Day 2004 I was in the south of France with friends. The first we heard about the tsunami was text messages from friends who wondered if we’d had en exotic destination for the holidays and were concerned.

We’d been out diving all day and had no idea what was going on.

When we turned on the news it was very unclear what had happened and the full extent of the disaster wasn’t known.

250,000 people lost their lives. 80,000 in Thailand.

Two years afterwards we sat on a beach in Phuket.

Tsunami evacuation notices now fringed the beaches.

Water dominated areas where floating villages and mosques rely on the sea, had directions and signs with pathways that seemed so fragile in the shadow of the ocean.

During our trip we visited a number of sites that had been badly hit.

On Ko Phi Phi Island a simple notice board on the beach on Boxing Day shared photos of those lost on a simple board.

The power of nature and the fragility of humanity brought together in the most devastating way.

I sat on that beach, peaceful and quiet. Tourists and local people doing what they would normally do just like they would’ve done 24 months before.

Every Christmas time on the 26th, I think of those people and the terrible events of that day where 250,000 people lost their lives.

The ocean is such a destructive force, so powerful yet so secretive.


7 comments on “Boxing Day 2004: remembering the tsunami

  1. Uncle Spike
    December 26, 2014

    Indeed a sad time as I well recall. Can’t argue with Mother Nature, despite all our technological advances and ‘progress’. Good post, thank you.

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    • lizard100
      December 26, 2014

      Cheers Spike. It was a very moving experience.


  2. Uncle Spike
    December 26, 2014

    Reblogged this on Uncle Spike's Adventures and commented:
    As festivities continue unabated for many, with heaps more food and yet more purchases as New Year sales begin early, let us perhaps take a couple of minutes to remember the monstrous events of 10 years ago.


  3. Anne Lene
    December 27, 2014

    It was tryly a monstrous event! Reading this brings tears to my eyes, as I remember well the event 10 years ago. I remember how people got together to help out as best as they could, even when they had almost nothing of their own, and long before the official aid people got there. How even in the midts of a catastrofy they would smile, and even how graceful they were when you took a minute to inquire about them and heir families. How the stores would help out supporting the victims. I remember the kids in the temporary camps that was set up. How grateful their families would be to get fresh water and food. I remember the rubble of broken homes, hotels and boats. And I remember how lucky I am to be alive! Because it surely could have gone wrong, so very wrong that day I was on the road in Sri Lanka!

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    • lizard100
      December 27, 2014

      Thank you for commenting. It was truely dreadful.


  4. jemills56
    December 27, 2014

    It was sad and shocking at the time….but recently whilst trying to contact an old school friend I was horrified to discover she was lost that day whilst reportedly saving her daughter. I lit a candle for her this week and will now always think of June on Boxing Day.

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  5. Kim in Fiji
    December 29, 2014

    That tsunami was such a powerful event that my husband and I had a powerful joint dream of it 20 years before it happened – always remembering the dream, but having no idea what it referred to. May God bless the all the souls affected by that incredible rebellion of the ocean.

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