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Sponsor a child for Christmas

This year for Christmas I’ve sponsored a child. I decided it was a far more satisfying thing to do than other options available.

There are so many people all over the world that don’t have the opportunities that I do. So this year rather than being tempted into the normal decadences and wasteful behaviours I decided to do something a bit more fitting.


This organisation has created communities for children who don’t have family. They are given the chance to live with a SOS mother in a family group. Hopefully with their natural siblings too.

I’m not a Christmas person never have been. But I hope this is a better choice for me at this time of year.

I received an information pack today that tells me about the child and his country.

It reminded me how lucky I am. There only 37% of the population have access to clean water.

I just turn a tap or visit the bathroom without a second thought.

This country has issues with health care and famine. My fridge is full and I can access medical care without any trouble at all.

There are high numbers of families where the head of the household is a child. That’s not allowed here and a child in that situation is supported.

The population is dominated by children. Many adults and parents have died of HIV and aids. 2.7 million children have lost one or both parents. Nearly half the population is under 14.

The stuff that children in Europe rarely have to deal with.

I’m glad I’ve found a good thing to do for Christmas.

SOS children’s villages are a global organisation. They have websites for the USA, UK, Canada, The Netherlands and other places.

Do you have unusual Christmas habits or traditions?

Have you found any other good ways of marking the season of good will?


6 comments on “Sponsor a child for Christmas

  1. Uncle Spike
    December 24, 2014

    Good for you. The mass over-indulgence is quite appalling to be honest, and nothing to do with the apparent reason for celebration. Wish more would think of others like that.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. lindaswildlifegarden
    December 24, 2014

    Thank you for sharing my good deed is saving used stamps to send to the RSPB joining the woodland trust as it helps wildlife as well as tress

    Liked by 1 person

    • lizard100
      December 25, 2014

      Thats a good thing. I need to do something with our stamps.


  3. Rambling Woods
    December 25, 2014

    We always sponsor children from our friends Day Care…. This year a single Mom will have foods for dinner and a gift for each of her children… There are many working poor here…but i need to consider reaching out more globally

    Liked by 1 person

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