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Can you fix it?

One thing that’s important in a greener lifestyle is the skill of fixing things.

It’s often called life hacking these days too. Sometimes something’s not broken but it makes not work as well as it should.

I like doing this.

Sometimes I ‘fix’ clothes if they’re too short or too long or too tight. I need to post about them.

But one thing I hate is when something isn’t quite ready for the bin if is damaged or not working properly.

I’ve also found a really good tool in this regard. (this is not an advert and I haven’t received anything from the company. )

It’s called sugru.

It’s a great thing. The company owner wanted a moldable substance that would then set so it could be used for many things.

The first time I used it I fixed our toilet seat.

The seat had lost a couple of nobbly feet under the seat.


Then I used it to fix a puncture in a boating bag.


Then I used it on a usb cable that had got damaged.


I also used it to repair an ‘accident’ that I had when I cut the cable to the solar water fountain with the secateurs. It’s dark outside so I can’t get a photo but it lasted well in the open for more than two years until the pump broke down.

The. I had a USB memory stick that had a broken loop to attach it to a key ring.

It’s simple easy to use and effective. It also helps to hack things so they work better.

It saved me money too. And I think more importantly it saves adding to the landfill with something that still works.

What do you do when something breaks?


11 comments on “Can you fix it?

  1. Ellen Hawley
    December 3, 2014

    What I do when something breaks is tear my hair a bit and then write a blog post. This stuff sounds great, though.

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  2. Grower
    December 3, 2014

    I grew up on a farm so fixing things just seems natural and logical to me. That product looks interesting. Is it like an epoxy? I’m going to check it out.

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  3. greenandthrifty
    December 3, 2014

    That looks totally cool. I definitely need to try that stuff. I’m terri le about being able to fix things easily. While it may not be an advert, it’s good to know the stuff works!

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  4. wscottling
    December 3, 2014

    I tend to fix things rather than throw them out. I’ve never used the product you’re talking about, so I have to get… creative. ^_^ My husband, on the other hand, tends to buy new things at the drop of a hat. He’s trying to come around to our way of thinking (it’s not really broken, and it can be fixed) but it’s over 40 years of unlearning he has to do to overcome his first impulse of “it’s broken, get a new one” so it’s an uphill battle. Plus, he likes the look of newer, not “fixed” things. And that’s an entirely different battle altogether.

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  5. I too like to get my hands dirty and try to fix something myself. However sometimes I have to ask for help from someone who is more technically minded than myself. I am a real believer in trying to mend or repurpose before throwing it out or recycling.

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  6. KathrynH
    December 4, 2014

    I’ve been helping to run a Repair Cafe at my work for the past eighteen months. We have a great team of enthusiastic professionals and volunteers who can fix anything from broken toasters (there are a lot of them!) to old marionette puppets! We’ve used sugru too. Do you have a Repair Cafe near you as they originated in the Netherlands?

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