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Cleaning Products

It’s weird how the television is full of adverts for cleaning products.
They’re always new, new formula, better, stronger, safer, more powerful.

And all of these things are ‘good’?

I’m not sure I agree. More powerful chemicals sounds bad to me. Environmental conditions are becoming more and more poisonous yet stronger chemicals for cleaning are viewed as ‘good’?

Also I’ve never heard anyone complaining that they’ve discovered more bacteria in their house and wishing for more effective solutions.

One of the key things that people do seem to want is for cleaning to be faster and easier. But I don’t believe in a quick fix.

So how come the adverts that suggest that we need this stuff are made by the companies who sell it?

Where’s the independent view?

Meanwhile you’ve probably guessed that we avoid such nasty stuff.

When the label says:
Wear eye protection.
Don’t mix with other chemicals.
Only use in a well ventilated space.
Keep away from children.
Wear gloves.
Seek medical attention.
Do not breathe spray.

It makes me not want it in the house. It’s nasty and poisonous stuff.

It makes me think:
If it’s going to poison bacteria and other stuff what’s it going to do to me?

After it’s been in my house and then it goes down the drain what does it do to the microbes and creatures it meets on the way?

When it reaches the seas and rivers what does it do there?

In the nineteen sixties and fifties when washing powder was first created they realised afterwards that great piles of froth were making it to the natural environment so they tried to change the formula.

But isn’t that an indicator that the consequences of our choices are not thought through.

So how do we keep our bathroom clean?

Years ago I used an anti scum cleaner once.

My bathroom doesn’t have a window. The fumes were horrid. I knew there and then that I didn’t want to use that type of stuff again.

One really useful tool in the war against calcium build up is the humble squeegee.

All we do is use it every day to wipe the shower door and walls.

It requires two minutes a day in the shower.

The shower door is still clear and looks good. And my health is probably better for the lack of fumes. No fast track poison for me.



9 comments on “Cleaning Products

  1. Ellen Hawley
    October 30, 2014

    I bought a cleaning cloth that claimed to be naturally antibacterial and therefore needed no cleansers. The anti-bacterial claim, of course, is complete bullshit, but it does get rid of calcium buildup and cleans the bathroom mirror well. What we haven’t found a way to get rid of without poisons is mold buildup. The choices seem to be bleach or mold.

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  2. Debra
    October 30, 2014

    Modern cleaners are terrible. I hate the scary ingredients. I haven’t found a job yet that can’t be done with vinegar or borax & soap.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Benjamin
    October 30, 2014

    Good and valid points! We’re switching to a vinegar and water solution for much of our cleaning and so far, no complaints! Less plastic to the landfill as well! Cheers, Ben

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  4. Frugal Hausfrau
    October 31, 2014

    I’m a huge fan of the squeegee, too! Not just for the shower, but my glass entrance doors and windows. Clean the outside windows with vinegar and the rain “sheets” down them and doesn’t spot.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Rambling Woods
    November 2, 2014

    We do too…easy

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