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courgette, tomato and olive tian

What a useful blog post. Another reason to think twice about what’s on our plates!

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courgette, tomato and olive tian

Three weeks ago the Guardian newspaper reported an attempt by the British government to shelve publication of the official report from an Inquiry into the country’s 2013 horse meat scandal.

Yesterday, the report was finally published.

The Inquiry, chaired by Professor Chris Elliott of Belfast’s Queens University, had been set up to investigate how horse meat had managed to find its way into a range of processed meat products for sale on supermarket shelves, including burgers and ready meals. Professor Elliott was also expected to make recommendations for action to help prevent a similar scandal happening again.

One reason for the government’s attempt to stifle publication might have been that the report highlights the adverse impact of recent massive cuts to the UK’s food inspectorate and food law enforcement services.

That’s because the government’s so-called austerity programme has led to the dismantling some of the “red tape” that is despised…

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4 comments on “courgette, tomato and olive tian

  1. jpeggytaylor
    October 13, 2014

    The suppression of this report was so typical of our current government! To them everything must be ‘managed’ like one massive PR stunt! Their covert mantra is ‘Delay, deny and defend’!
    I certainly agree, we have to make our own careful choices of food products – there are so many food safety issues now. The proposed US/EU TTIP agreement will do nothing to assist this situation. We are already seeing massive corporations suing for ‘loss of profits’ eg Monsanto currently suing the state of Vermont because Vermont wanted to pass a law to have any GMO ingredients labelled as such on food products. There is a lot of money being thrown by these corporations at misleading the public.


    • lizard100
      October 13, 2014

      It’s very worrying. And then the news corps don’t report protest marches etc. sinister.

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      • jpeggytaylor
        October 13, 2014

        It is indeed. It feels as if those of us who truly care about the planet are marked out as the enemies!


      • lizard100
        October 13, 2014


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