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Screw Therapy. I Have Yoga.

I really enjoyed this post. Yoga has seriously benefitted me!


With the growing popularity of yoga classes, the opinion that it is “just to stretch” or a sedentary meditation, are going by the wayside. But they still exist. I have conversations almost daily with people who have this opinion about yoga.

“It’s not even a workout” -The intense physical trainees, like your cyclists or runners.

“I’m not flexible enough” -The person who has never stretched a day in their lives.

“All you do is stretch.” -The cardio enthusiasts, as I like to call them.

These are just a few of the comments I hear regarding a yoga practice. And they are opinions that are strongly misled. There are numerous benefits to yoga, all of which improve your well-being in one way or another.

We all start our practice for different reasons. To lose weight. To de-stress. To gain strength. To detox. To change up our fitness routine. To meditate. To…

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