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Bee Love

This has a lot of simple supportive info for bees. Really clearly put!

Adhyatma Love

Honey Bees are well known for their production of honey and Bee’s wax that we find in candles and body products. They are very social insects that always co-operate well together. There are three types.

The Worker Bees – usually not yet sexually developed female bees – are the ones that we see out in the open travelling from flower to flower with bits of pollen hanging off their gorgeous legs. They forage for food, build and protect the hive and clean and circulate the air by beating their wings. They are the reason we have vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts and much more. Thanks Bees!

The Drones – the male bees – hundreds of these beauties live in each hive during the spring and summer but venture out during the fall and winter months when the hive is in survival mode; at which point they live on stored honey and pollen…

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One comment on “Bee Love

  1. Rambling Woods
    June 1, 2014

    Yes it does


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