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Baklust: Great Vegetarian Food; Den Haag


I’ve already blogged about two amazing eateries that are accessible to us.

Writing about Food on a Friday isn’t original I guess. But vegetarian (and Gluten free ) food can still be a challenge to find. Especially tasty versions.

This third location is slightly different.

It’s a lunch place.

It’s been open since 2009.

Having lived in The Netherlands for seventeen years I’ve noticed big changes in access to vegetarian options.

When I came here vegetarian soup was limited to two definite options: mushroom and asparagus. Everything else had a meat stock even if it appeared veggie.

There’s a famous story of the tomato soup that had meatballs lurking in it’s depths but I was reassured that they ‘hadn’t been in there long!’

It was a key reason to learn to speak Dutch so I could check effectively!

Baklust Den Haag is not like that at all!

Like many other vegetarian places that we’ve been too it’s got an extra sensitivity.

They have gluten free options!

For a bakery style lunch place this makes it very special.

When you consider that the request for gluten free option in the average heavily bread laden Dutch lunch place is a look of confusion!

it’s a serious relief to find somewhere that isn’t phased when we ask.

Ja hoer!

Today we had the special which was charred green asparagus and cherry tomato salad with goats cheese.


And a big time favourite roast beetroot goat’s cheese with pine nuts and pumpkin seeds. One served with GF bread and one with ordinary.

Their Dutch staple apple pie is also gluten free and they have great vegan options too.

It’s a really reliable place!


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2 comments on “Baklust: Great Vegetarian Food; Den Haag

  1. litadoolan
    April 18, 2014

    That’s great to know yummy Dutch food available for Vegetarians now! I love Dutch cheese, it’s delicious (although not vegan for sure)


  2. lizard100
    April 18, 2014

    Getting vegetarian cheese here is a nightmare. But it’s way better than it was these days! In the uk they got rid of adding rennet years ago when mad cows disease happened but here it’s everywhere and in puddings pork gelatine! Yeuch!


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