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Mother Nature knows best

World wide Wednesday this week has a local flavour.

White storks are now a common sight in the neighbourhood of Den Haag.

They are more than a metre tall as adults and have distinctive, long, red legs.

White storks were wiped out in Europe at one point in the nineteenth and twentieth century.

Then there were attempts to reintroduce them in countries like The Netherlands.

Locally in a nearby community, there were attempts to encourage stork nesting close to where I live recently.


Between the trees, you can see a beautiful hand crafted, nest installation. A link with Romania brought this stork nest on a wheel to entice new residents.

Funny how nature is.

Within weeks, the storks showed an interest in the park.

They circled the area, weighing up the potential.

Eventually they find a suitable spot.

Incredibly they rejected the provided wheel nest.

Instead they settled on a very tall tree that had been recently topped off. It was the tallest tree in the locality.


They have nested here for several years now. And one or two chicks have survived.

They’ve also become internet celebrities.



Maybe they’ll be successful parents this year once again. I’m impressed they made such a smart, successful, home choice.


9 comments on “Mother Nature knows best

  1. wscottling
    March 20, 2014

    I love storks. I’m glad they’re back to where you are.


  2. argentumvulgaris
    March 20, 2014

    A cool post. Here in Brazil we have the jabiru stork in the Pantanal, they are huge bids.

    I have added your link to my blog.



    • lizard100
      March 20, 2014

      Thanks very much. That’s great! I hope to update if this years brings chicks!


  3. Rambling Woods
    March 20, 2014

    Oh what a nice opportunity to watch…..


    • lizard100
      March 21, 2014

      I’m hoping there will be chicks again this year!


  4. ana
    March 22, 2014

    Here, in Spain, there are thousands (about 33000) of stork couples, a few hundred of them are beautiful black storks, but mostly are white. They were less in the seventies but not were they endangered. Now we have same numbers than centuries ago. In my town, Vitoria, they even stay during the winter, don´t travel. In this part of Europe they have always been cherished,because they bring the babies!! No wonder that Spain has the 85 % of European storks.
    Look at this:


    • lizard100
      March 22, 2014

      Thank you so much. This is really interesting. I didn’t know about the storks in Spain.


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