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Foodie Friday: Veggie Treats!

It’s a specific vegetarian dilemma when you go our to eat.

It’s a bit of a lottery.
And it can be expensive.

Often restaurants don’t seem to try hard enough to give their vegetarian guests choice, quality and flavour when compared to other diners.


Now don’t get me wrong usually eating out is about the company, the occasion and the ambiance too but you can also feel short changed if the menu is “take it or leave it!”

When you find a restaurant that does something different it’s great.

Moving to The Netherlands, seventeen years ago, veggie restaurants were thin on the ground.

Today it’s a very different story. The Hague has recently been credited for its vegetarian facilities.

Eethuis de Zon (eating house The Sun) has a great idea.

The owner wanted to ensure that a meal could be had for a reasonable price rather than competing with meat courses.

He also wanted to use seasonal local organic produce.

His answer?

The menu changes every day!

The novelty is there’s only one dish! Plus starter and desert.


This was a couscous dish served with delicious roast root vegetables, the parsnips were yummy!
It also had a fresh salad with grated carrot, pea and mint purée and beetroot relish.

Hang on!

Wasn’t I just complaining about the lack of choice?

But the difference is that everyone eats the same meal. It’s delicious and good value.

The starter of carrot and fennel soup and delicious apple pie desert was great too.

And look!
Chickens and bees on the condiments!


They have a tap water policy and organic principles.


Here free water from the tap!
Healthy and better for the environment!

Well worth a visit!

7 comments on “Foodie Friday: Veggie Treats!

  1. silverbells2012
    March 14, 2014

    Yes, when I was a vegetarian eating out could be quite a disappointment from the gastronomic point of view.


  2. Kitchen-Counter-Culture
    March 15, 2014

    I love the idea of a tap water policy at a restaurant.


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