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Sew sew

I’ve got a permanent ambition to try new things.
One gap in my skill is sewing. I’ve got a vague idea how to do it but not really sure.

I decided to develop a place where I can sew.

Off to the second hand shop.
To find this:


Then I wanted to clean it up and improve it.

Here’s what it looks like now. I hope it’ll be a great inspiration!


If only the sewing was as easy!

13 comments on “Sew sew

  1. lindaswildlifegarden
    February 18, 2014

    snap like wise are you going to watch bbc2 at 8pm new programme about sewing


  2. bafriyie
    February 18, 2014

    Clever title. I started sewing myself, but then for whatever reason I stopped. I worked as a production manager for a fashion design house, but that was a long time ago. I figure in the long run I can save some money by making my own clothes.


    • lizard100
      February 18, 2014

      Thanks. I’m a terrible one for setting myself up and then not utilising but this year is going to be different.


  3. disappearingwoman
    February 18, 2014

    This is a timely post for me! My best friend and I were just talking about learning to sew about 10 minutes before I read this! I would love to learn to quilt, as well. Maybe there are classes in your area that you could take. I know the elderly people at the senior citizens center in my town give lessons and they’re very inexpensive. Great post!


    • lizard100
      February 18, 2014

      Thanks. I’ve got a husband that can see but it might be like driving lessons. We’ll see.


  4. greenandthrifty
    February 18, 2014

    I have plastic tubs filled with fabric and patterns from when I was going to sew my own clothes. I got set up and just never did anything. I’m terrible about that, too.I recently went through and salvaged the more usable patterns and fabric and I, too, plan on actually doing it this year!


    • lizard100
      February 18, 2014

      That sounds good. I need to make myself sew. The DIY bit is the easiest part for me!


  5. alderandash
    February 18, 2014

    I hated, hated, hated sewing when I was younger, after some awful classes at school. Then years later decided I’d face the fear and have another go. And my lovely in-laws gave me very nice, simple sewing machine. I’m really not great at it, but I’ve managed to make dolls and some really, really simple dressing up and other clothes for my children, the odd cushion and little bags. And it’s been so satisfying! I’m never ever going to be much good at it, but it feels really good to think ‘I’ll make that’. So, good luck!!


    • lizard100
      February 19, 2014

      Thanks for that. It’s inspiring to know that other people who have been apprehensive have given it a go. My mum is a prolific talented sewer and that makes it tricky too. I appreciate your story!


  6. Hi, Thanks for your follow. I am now following you. I’ve really enjoyed your posts (especially watching the quails hatch) and look forward to reading more.
    I have nominated you for The Liebster award. You can choose to accept or not accept but I hope you will. More details are here
    Cheers Irene


    • lizard100
      February 19, 2014

      Thank you so much for the nomination. I also received it last week. I’m not sure what happens if I’m nominated twice in a shirt space of time though. What do you think?


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